Moto Industrial Traders Corporation is a supplier /indentor of industrial equipment and spare parts with wealth of experience in the field for more than thirty (30) years. We provide an entire spectrum of technology, including equipment and spare parts, systems, and technical engineers for commissioning, installation, overhauling and testing. Based on the rich experience of our engineers in the field of power generation, refinery, petro-chemical plants, and paper manufactures, we are highly confident to supply spare parts and services to these industries.

We have been appointed by over 300 Japanese Manufacturer such as Toshiba Corporation, Ebara Corporation, Ishikawajima -Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Fuji Electric Co. Ltd., and other Electro – mechanical equipment manufacturers backed up by our foreign principals: Kokusai Commerce Co., Ltd.(Japan), Moto-Kokusai Industrial Traders, LLC(USA), Chuan Hock Hardware Co., PTE., Ltd. (Singapore). Chemtool Incorporated(USA), Gaffney-Kroese Suppy Corp. (USA) who are known to be highly reputable companies in their respective country.

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